Plugily Projects

We're open-source, developer and creative

We're | Open-Source. Developers. Creative.

What makes us different?

The biggest difference we see is our commitment to developing something beneficial for the community.

Long-term maintenance

All our resourcces are maintained over a long period of time. In the process, new features and fixes appear to the user.


All our extensions can be viewed directly by anyone on Github to achieve the highest possible tolerance.

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We attach great importance to the fact that our extensions can be adapted as simply as possible by each user.


At Plugily Projects, we take our users very seriously and therefore give them the opportunity to get in touch with us around the clock.

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Free of charge & volunteers

Our extensions are available free of charge to everyone and have been created by volunteers in their spare time. Thanks to each contributor.

Well documented

In our documentation aka wiki we have collected all information about our extensions. These are carefully updated again and again

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